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Functional Fitness

Making your muscles function for effective exercise.

Years of yoga classes and still can’t touch your toes?

Want more power from a golf swing?

Get a pain in your leg when you’re running?

All these are signs that some muscles in your body are not functioning as well as they could and other muscles are doing the work or taking the strain.

Functional Fitness has 10 specific exercises, placed in a safe, effective and accessible online programme. Use it to achieve more from your current fitness or sporting activity, or on its own. Use one Functional Fitness exercise or use them all, use what is relevant to you to keep you moving well.

Yoga or Pilates enthusiasts, you will find that our Functional Fitness 6 exercise will give you more range of movement through hamstrings and safely enhance your positions in class to help you move with power and grace.

Golfers, usually you swing from the shoulders. Achieving your swing form your spine gives you more power and the ball goes further. Functional Fitness 5 in our programme will give you more spinal rotation movement and therefore power as you move from your core. Effectively giving you more chance of that hole-in-one you’re always aiming for.

Runners, you love to be running and nothing will stop you, not even that niggling pain down your leg. Functional Fitness 1 is your missing piece to eliminate that leg pain for good. Your stretches programme helps  but it still happens. Functional Fitness will get function safely back to all your muscles. You will know how to make the specific muscles function and strengthen to keep that nagging pain away.

Use part of the programme, specific to your needs or use it all to keep you whole body functioning. Functional Fitness is a safe and effective way of enhancing your current fitness or sporting activity to remain fully fit and functioning for a very healthy and active life. 

This is not a stretching programme, this is a Functional Fitness Programme.

For only £10 per month you will have access to this programme and all of our Members content, 24 hours a day. We are here for when you need to function.

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