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Join us…For your health through Gymstick fitness….

I want to help women stay in charge of their body.

A Gymstick membership class is held at Mannofield Church, Aberdeen, AB10 6WD on a Thursday evening, 5:25-5:55pm.

Unlike any other exercise class, the Gymstick is both new to Aberdeen and very unique.

It will benefit the health of women at any time of life, in particular those experiencing menopause. Great results are achieved in strength, coordination, balance, and all-round health and fitness and these can be achieved quickly. 

This class is also appropriate, safe and effective exercise for women who wish to remain active and keep healthy during and, more importantly, after menopause.

The Gymstick class will give you:

  • The resistance bands will increase bone density.
  • They also strengthen your muscles to burn more calories at rest.
  • The cardiovascular training protects your heart.
  • HIIT training burns body fat during and post exercise.
  • Balance training will improve your balance skill.
  • Unique Gymstick moves improve coordination for cognitive function.
  • Challenging the heart rate gets you ‘hot and sweaty’. This produces the human growth hormone to counter the reduction in oestrogen, aiding the balance of hormones.

Don’t delay, act today, your health is the most important thing you have.


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